The aim of Design Enterprise Skillnet is to arrange for and facilitate high quality training, that matches the needs of its members, at reduced costs and as a result improve and strengthen the competencies, skills and competitive advantage of the designers and of the network of design businesses involved.

Who can be supported by a Skillnet?
Only private sector or commercial semi-state companies can join a Skillnets training network.
The following cannot become member companies of a training network:
• Public sector organisations
• Charity or not-for-profit organisations
• Companies based outside the Republic of Ireland

Some important information to note:
• Training networks only provide training to employees of private sector/commercial semi-state businesses based in the Republic of Ireland

• Your business needs to join the Skillnets training network that is providing the training course – membership in most cases is free

• Funding is to networks directly – no funding is given directly to individuals or to individual businesses

What is a Skillnet?

A ‘SKILLNET’ is a training network comprised of a mix of private sector businesses that have come together to develop and promote inter organisational learning. The aim is to arrange for formal and high quality training, that matches the needs of its members, at reduced costs and as a result improve and strengthen the competencies and skills of the network of companies involved. Skillnets began in 1999 and is financed from the National Training Fund (NTF) through the Department of Education and Skills (DES). 
Skillnets distribute this funding across all sectors and regions through the numerous training networks that exist across Ireland. For more information on Skillnets, please visit the website skillnets.ie.

Who are the Institute of Designers in Ireland (IDI)?

The Institute of Designers in Ireland is the professional body of designers working across disciplines and across the island of Ireland. The Government, clients and professional bodies recognise the IDI as being the national and regional representative body and voice of designers working professionally in industry. The IDI focuses on where it can make a difference: influencing policy, providing a platform for members, and information and helping members to grow their business. idi-design.ie,

Who are Design Enterprise Skillnet?

The Design Enterprise Skillnet secured it’s funding in December 2016 and is in its second year of operation. By working in partnership with Skillnets and our contracting organisation, the Institute of Designers in Ireland, the Design Enterprise Skillnet aims to provide opportunities to our members to gain competitive advantage and remain competitive in an increasingly complex and dynamic work landscape.

Our mission is to develop and deliver both new and existing training programmes that are industry related, and focus on the needs of our Network Member companies. Apart from delivering training the Design Enterprise Skillnet will facilitate:

  • Networking events and activities including workshops and seminars.
  • Best-practice visits, case studies and other learning activities
  • Inter-firm mentoring, coaching and other knowledge transfer activities
Design Enterprise Skillnet Steering Group

The Design Enterprise Skillnet Steering Group is composed of the following people:

  • Andrew Bradley (Chairperson) Bradley Brand
  • Brian Herron Principal, Each & Other
  • Brian Stephens CEO, Design Partners
  • Denise O’Connor MD, Optimise Design
  • Karen Hanratty Director, Pixel Design
  • Marc O’Riain Chief Design Officer at Rua Architects
  • Simon Richards Creative Director, Richards Dee
  • Zanya Dahl CEO, Artizan
  • Aileen Dempsey, Network Manager
How can I join?

Membership of the Design Enterprise Skillnet is free to IDI members with a current IDI subscription. www.idi-design.ie/join/why-join/

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