High quality training meeting the needs of design businesses.

The Design Enterprise Skillnet has a multi-year agenda to provide subsidised cross-discipline, whole of career training that has been created specifically for the needs of designers and design practices.

Key Challenges

Change and challenge in design

There isn’t a designer or design practice that is not challenged to keep up-to-date with software, hardware and new production techniques. Increasingly, designers are working in multi-disciplinary teams and find themselves having to learn new skills from other design and non-design disciplines. Some designers are converting from one design sector to another as barriers between design disciplines disappear. The design Enterprise Skillnet will provide avenues for practitioners at various stages of their career to get introduced to new practices or transition to new career areas.

Whole of career training – graduate to manager and beyond

The quality of Irish graduates entering the employment market is increasingly strengthening. But we don’t expect graduates to know what it takes to run a studio, win business, or coach junior staff. And yet, as their careers progress, many designers are asked to slot into managerial roles without the necessary formal training. The Design Enterprise Skillnet will give access to training that responds to the needs of individuals in the design industry at all stages of their careers, as they move from design, to manager, to running and finally exiting a business.

Cross discipline up-skilling

‘Design’ is a broad church but there are fundamentals that apply across the sector. Soft and hard skills that are common to all: how to price a job or product, how to understand a brief, how to pitch, how to apply project management skills to creative projects. We will provide training that can set a foundation for your practice’s approach to projects, or give polish to your teams’ client skills.

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